In June 1860 Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli (1835-1910) began to work at the Brera Observatory as "second astronomer". On the 8 September 1862 he became director of the Observatory until 30 June 1900, but he kept attending the institute until his death, the 4 July 1910.

In the historical archives of the Brera Astronomical Observatory are kept all the letters, about 20.000, sent and received by Schiaparelli during his scientific activity in Milan.
In 2005 the analytical cataloguing work of the whole Schiaparelli's correspondence was set up, according to the principle of provenance, preserving the materials in the original archives series. The earliest documents date back to 1859, when the Italian govermnent called Schiaparelli to Milan from the Pulkovo Observatory, where he was a postgraduate. The most recent letters are dated to the days immediately following the death of the astronomer.
The aim of this work is to make available the complete catalog of the Schiaparelli's correspondence to researchers, historians and general public.
The records are about 13.500 and the database is always revised and updated.
Referring to each letter it is possible to carry out a research on the following information:

  • sender
  • letterhead
  • recipient
  • date
  • departing place
  • original archival provenance
  • summary (only the original Schiaparelli's summaries when reported on the covers of the letters)
  • short notes
  • Credits

Reorganization and inventoring by Agnese Mandrino
Cataloguing by Letizia Buffoni and Agnese Mandrino
Creation of the database by Angelo Mistò
Realization of the web form by Mauro Gargano